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1 Our Privacy Policy

We have configured the website in such a way that the use of your personal data is kept to an absolute minimum and excludes the processing of your data when the purposes pursued in the individual cases can be achieved using anonymous data (such as, for example, market research aimed at improving services) or other means, identifying the data subject only when needed or at the request of the authorities or police forces (such as, for example, for data relating to traffic and to your presence on the website, or to your IP address). Hotel Villa Fanny is responsible for deciding on the purposes and methods used to process your personal data and the instruments used, including the security profile, as it is co-controller of the processing of the personal data of the users of pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 (Personal Data Protection Code). This Privacy Policy provides you with all the useful information to understand how we collect and use the information which identifies users of

The data processors process the personal data of users of following the instructions provided jointly by Hotel Villa Fanny. We periodically check that the data processors fulfil the tasks in detail they have been given and that they continue to provide the appropriate guarantees in compliance with the provisions concerning the protection of personal data. Your personal data are collected and processed by for purposes strictly connected with the use of the website, its services and with the purchase of products through the website. Your personal data may also be used in other processing operations, compatible with these purposes.

Your personal data are processed mainly using electronic means and in certain cases also in hardcopy format, such as for instance when the processing of your data is necessary to prevent fraud on Your personal data shall be retained in the form which allows you to be identified for the time strictly necessary for the purpose for which the data were collected and subsequently processed and, in any case, within the limits foreseen by the laws in force. Your personal data shall not be disclosed to third parties for purposes not permitted by law or without your express consent. In addition to the companies appointed as data processors, your data are also made available to third parties, independent data controllers, for ancillary purposes related to the provision of services required by the user (for example, for purchase related transactions).

2. What happens if you do not provide your personal data to Hotel Villa Fanny 

Failure to provide data can therefore, according to individual circumstances, constitute a legitimate and justified reason to prevent the execution of the purchase contract on the site or the supply of services through Provision of additional data to Hotel Villa Fanny, other than those which are compulsory, to fulfil legal or contractual obligations or to supply certain requested services is optional and has no impact on the use of the website and its services or the purchase of products on Whenever necessary, and according to individual circumstances, we will duly inform you of the mandatory or optional nature of the provision of your personal data to Hotel Villa Fanny. The mandatory or optional nature of the provision of your data is indicated by the symbol (*) which is placed alongside information which is mandatory, namely the data needed purely to provide services or purchase products on We would like to remind you that failure to provide optional personal data will not lead to any obligation or disadvantage for our users.


Privacy Policy

Information provided pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No.  196/2003  

The personal data collected will be processed using mainly electronic means by Hotel Villa Fanny – Data Controller – via Don Bosco, 8 - Cagliari, to perform the online registration process and allow you to take advantage of the services offered on the website through accessing the reserved areas (e.g.: process your orders and related activities, including operations connected with administrative and tax fulfilments, send the newsletter, when requested) and also to improve the service offered. 

The Data Controller is Hotel Villa Fanny. Hotel Villa Fanny may also use your data to send emails advertising its own products and services which are similar to those already purchased, unless you have denied this use by exercising your right to object in the manner indicated later (art. 130, paragraph 4, Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003). The data may also be processed, upon your consent, to send promotional material about products and services which are different from those already purchased and for marketing activities or opinion surveys. Upon your consent, Hotel Villa Fanny may carry out profiling activities about your buying habits in order to send proposals which are in line with your interests. 

At present, the data processors of your personal data are: United Parcel Service, to process the data needed to ship, deliver and return products purchased on; 

The people appointed to process data for the aforesaid purposes are those individuals in charge of processing orders, administration, customer service, the IT systems and marketing (when consent has been given), the website IT and management systems, providing the services reserved for registered users. Pursuant to art. 7 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, data subjects are entitled to exercise their rights, including the right to consult, change, delete their data or object to their processing for sending advertising material or commercial communications or for opinion surveys, by writing to Hotel Villa Fanny at the address given above or by sending an email to

They may also request the complete and up-dated list of the data processors in the same way. See the Privacy Policy for more information. 

Cookie Policy

Under current EU legislation, all operators of Internet websites are required to inform users if, when and which cookies are used, and to obtain your consent to the use of these cookies.  

Please read this Cookie Policy carefully to find out which cookies we use and what information we collect in this context on our websites. 

This Cookie Policy provides a brief overview of how Hotel Villa Fanny uses cookies in its websites.

Consent to the use of cookies

If you visit this website, if your browser settings allow cookies to be activated, and if you continue to use this site, this will be understood by us as consent to the use of cookies by Hotel Villa Fanny, as described in this policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which the websites you visit send to your terminal (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet), where they are stored. Cookies are saved in the browser’s directory. On each subsequent visit to the site in question, the browser sends the cookies to the site so that it can recognise the terminal, thus enhancing your user experience every time you visit the site.

To learn more about cookies and how they work, go to or .


What type of cookies are there?

Cookies are normally classified as follows:

  • •First party cookies: these are cookies set by the website visited by the user, such as those set by Hotel Villa Fanny when you view one of its websites.
  • •Third party cookies: these are cookies set by a domain other than the one visited by the user.
  • •Session cookies: they are only active during a browser session. They enable the connection of all activities carried out by the user during the browser session. 
  • •Persistent cookies: these remain on the PC even after the end of the browser session. They are reactivated at each subsequent visit to the site from which they originate and remain on the hard disk of the terminal for a long time. Persistent cookies can remain on your computer for days, months or even years.


Which cookies are used specifically on this website?


type: session

This site uses cookies to store the User session and carry out other activities that are strictly necessary to run the session.  

Google Analytics

type: third party

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google may use personal data to contextualise and personalise the ads from its own advertising network. 

See the Google Privacy Policy 


You can disable Google Analytics cookies by visiting the Google website (Google GaOptOut) and downloading an add-on for the browser used.


YouTube Videos

type: third party

YouTube is a video viewing service run by Google Inc. which allows this application to use video content on its pages.

See the Google Privacy Policy 


type: third party

ShareThis provides online services and applications which allow users to share content on the Web more easily. ShareThis may use personal data to contextualise and personalise ads from its own advertising network.  

See the ShareThis Privacy Policy. You may delete ShareThis cookies on this page. 


How can I change my cookie settings?

To do this, you have to disable or delete the cookies.

You Internet browser allows you to change cookie settings. These are usually found in the "Options", "Tools" or "Preferences" menu of your browser. You can also use your browser’s "Help" menu. Different browsers may use different mechanisms to disable cookies.


More information on changing cookie settings is available at the following links:

Cookie settings for Internet Explorer

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Cookie settings for Safari

More information on how to block or delete cookies can be found here: