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Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, has always been a crossroad of different cultures, whose traces are still visible especially in the architecture and in masterpieces of artistic variety. Raised on more than seven hills, the city seems to admire its profile reflected on the sea, like a vain lady.

Thanks to a pleasant walk through the narrow streets of the historical district of Castello, we can discover all the secrets of the city, admire noble palaces, the Medieval Towers, the headquarters of the civil and religious power (the Royal Palace and the Cathedral of Santa Maria), and the Bastions, from where we can enjoy breathtaking panoramas.


We will discover the city of Cagliari from a different and original perspective,e by exploring some of the most evocative underground sites, quarries, cisterns, crypts and tunnels, scene of a millenial history.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit, in an atmosphere full of charm, the underground places that tell the history, mysteries and legends of Cagliari, like the Gallery of Salesiani, a private gallery used as an air-raid shelte during the Second World War, illuminated, today as at that time, only by the soft light of candles.




We will take a step back in history to discover the ruins of the ancient Phoenician city that still shine, surrounded by a breathtaking view, in the setting of the Cape of Pula.

Mosaics, thermal baths, villas, temples, ancient cobbled streets and a splendid theatre testify to the splendour of the city during the Roman period. We will also visit the church of Sant’Efisio where, according to tradition, the Saint was martyred and where every year on the 1st of May he is celebrated by the whole island during a famous festival.


The best and easiest way to visit the Unesco site at Barumini. This tour will make you discover the only UNESCO SITE we have in the island and the house museum Casa Zapata.

Drive through a beautiful mediterranean countryside
One hour guided tour at the UNESCO SITE by a local guide at the site
Entrance fee included in the price
Visit the house museum Casa Zapata 




Historical Cagliari

Underground Cagliari

Nora roman ruins

Barumini UNESCO